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Friday, March 4, 2011

Culex - WIP Boss

Yep, you may know Culex from Mario Fantasy, the one that is incomplete (just Culex graphics, no cristals...) I got a big inspiration from there to make this one! The progress is will be VERY VERY VERY slow cause I want to do this with perfection and make it awesome! Currently I only have Mario's Hp bar (maybe I change the max hp to 5, but it deppends on the OAM, the culex gfx literally kills it!), Culex graphics, all crystal' graphics and nothing lol. Also,

I will NOT

distribute anything related to this fight, even ripped graphics (credits goes to Vitor Vilela, for his awesome img file ripping tool), music or boss, so don't disturb me with questions like "I subscribe in your channel, can you give me your boss?"


Well, I'm sleppy again (damn you school that makes me get up early!), so good nite :)

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