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Yes, a new blog! Here I'll keep you informed about SMW related things. I'll post videos, images, information, tools, sprites, ASM codes, etc. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something more like a filler

Sorry, but I don't have anything new to show yet, I'm not working too much on SMW these days, just coding random things... Anyway, I'm here today to show some codes that I've made and maybe can help you (I doubt, but...):

1. Macro DMA
As you can see it is a macro to do DMA Transfer just by calling it with your arguments.

macro CustomDMA(Channel, VRAM, TMode, Reg, Source, Size)
REP #$20
STA $2116
SEP #$20

LDA #TMode
STA $43Channel0

LDA #Reg
STA $43Channel1

REP #$20
LDA #Source
STA $43Channel2
LDY.b #Source>>16
STY $43Channel4

LDA #Size
STA $43Channel5
SEP #$20

LDX #$0Channel
LDA DMAActivationTable,x
STA $420B

Make sure you include this table somewhere in your code (not inside your macro!!!):

db $01,$02,$04,$08,$10,$20,$40,$80

To use this macro, call it like this:

%CustomDMA(ChannelNumber,VRAM Address,Transfer Mode,Register,Source Table,Size)

-Channel number is the channel number... 0-7, not $00-$07
-Even if you'll not upload anything to VRAM, set VRAM Address to $0000
-Transfer Mode ($00-$FF)
-Last two bytes of the register to write to ($212C would be $2C)
-Source Table is the table with data.
-Size, 16 bits.
-You'll have to edit the code a bit. Since blogger things that < and > makes a TAG, you'll have to edit each arguments and add a < before each one and add a > after each one.

2. Mode 7 HDMA
A simple HDMA code that allows you to stretch both X and Y factors by scanline, you just have to configure the table to your needs.

REP #$20
LDA #$1B02
STA $4330
LDA #.XTable
STA $4332
LDX #.XTable>>16
STX $4334

LDA #$1E02
STA $4340
LDA #.YTable
STA $4342
LDX #.YTable>>16
STX $4344
SEP #$20

LDA #$18

db $ScanLine : dw $Stretch_X
db $00

db $ScanLine : dw $Stretch_Y
db $00

Well, that's it, I'm going to bed now, it is late here, see ya :3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some of my finished ports

Hey, what's up? Ok, so today I'm here to show some ports that I've finished, including Final Fantasy V - The Decisive Battle, yeah, I've finished it! The SPC sounds a bit different than the song ingame, but you can have a preview xD. Ok, so here are some ports:

FFV - The Decisive Battle
Sutte Hakkun - Hakkun's House
Sutte Hakkun - Stage 4
Sutte Hakkun - Unused Song 1

I'm planning to release them when I finish a collab that I'm participating.

See ya until the next post ^w^

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moar Ports: Final Fantasy V - The Decisive Battle

Hello again, Undefinied3 is here. Today I'm here to show a new port that I'm currently working on (yep, It's not finished yet). As the title says, it's a port from Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle. I'm almost done with it, I just need to add some effects like volume changes, vibrato, fix some pitch values and I'm done. If you wanna listen to it, here is the link. Oh, and I forgot to say, the SPC is a bit different of the music ingame, blame Zsnes.
Hope you like it guys =D

Friday, January 13, 2012

Back from.... Nowhere, but with news! :D

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen! I'm here again to re-open this blog (or try to keep it up for some time again xP) bringing back some news! Actually some "old news", at least for now, but maybe tomorrow I'll show some new projects that I've currently working on and somethings that I'm doing these days...
Well, since it's over midnight and I'm very sleepy, this post will be more like just a blog re-open, with not so much content, but well... anyway, let's start:

New Console - Xbox360 and New Games

Ok, so, my father has given to me an Xbox360, pretty awesome graphics and performance! Specially some specific games, like Call Of Duty 8 - Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Modern Warfare 3, pretty awesome gameplay and you can spend hours playing it and hours angry when those lag players kill you. I've be playing this game everyday, 6th prestige, 1 M.O.A.B (kill 25 persons without die, extremely difficult) and I have to say, I really liked it.

About Battlefield3: graphics, these graphics are perfect, they're just perfect" The lighting is very well done, you can feel as if you were inside the game or in a real war! It's awesome! But in my opinion, its gameplay isn't THAT nice like MW3.

Definetly, if you have an Xbox360, you MUST have these two games.


About SMW, I have two videos to show you guys:

This one is completely outdated, I'll show a new version tomorrow. Basically, this is a patch that reproduces the intro on New Super Mario Bros Wii. In the current version, you can have a per level preview and name, with a custom palette to both of them, and the best thing is that the palette doesn't interfere on the level's palette! Expect more news and even a release!

A bit outdated, some bugs were fixed and some new features were added. You can also expect a release of this.

Well, that's it guys! I'll try to keep this blog in date again, but I'm not sure. Sorry if I've disappointed someone :/

Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Awesome News \o/

Well, since I was very busy with C3, I could not post anything new on this blog (not really, the lazyness also helped :X) but now, I can! So, let's talk a bit about C3 (an event on SMWCentral in which each user presents their own project and at the end, people vote to choose the best in each topic, like ASM, joke things...).


Sincerely, this C3 was disappointing... Nothing new, just some tools and some sprites, nothing amazing, as was the ExGFX Rev. Patch in the past C3... Of course, there were good projects, but none have really impressed me... If someone asks me what impressed me in this C3, I would say nothing... And that's bad, at least to me, I'm very sad with this result, *crying* But the good point is that I've participated on this C3! I was a bit shy, since my main language isn't English, but everything has come out pretty well I think... and I don't know if this is the cause, but I've got a lot of new subscribers on my youtube channel since the C3 o.0 Like 6 or 8 in one week!
Oh, and if you're curious to know what I've posted in C3, here is the topic.

Some sprites I've already distributed it here, but some of them I haven't, so fell free to use them, JUST GIVE CREDITS IF USED :D.... Ok, since it's C3, I'll give you some credit this time, give credit just if you want to, but DO NOT claim it as yours.

Well, that's all that I had to talk about the C3 (in general, my opinion about it)

Shifting gears...

Mode 7:

I'm currently learning mode 7 (not really, I'm currently learning VRAM, etc. but since mode 7 needs it, I'm encompassing it) but it's VERY hard, I understand everything, but I CAN'T do it, Famicon's site explains it very well, but xkas can't assemble their code, since it is a cross-assembler, so yeah, I'm very sad :(.... BUT, I can draw the original mode 7 bosses without any problem! That doesn't mean anything since it's very different, but well... I've made some cool things with it :3 Check out this video:

Shifting gears AGAIN...

New TAS:

Completely slow but it's entreteining in my opinion... This level is very confuse, I didn't understand anything that I was supposed to do in this level, so the result was "this" thing D:

Well, I hope that this big wall of text is enough to reward the big time without any posts. Bye :3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Youtube - 100th video!

Well, I was needing something interesting for this 100th video, when I come out with this awesome idea of beating the worldwide record of Spring Challenge (made by moltov) with an GIANT speed difference, and I made it! If I recall correctly, I've beat the old worldwide record by 9 seconds (Yes, that is MUCH for a TAS) and some frames.

My new record:

The old record:

I've also discovered that you can throw 2 trampolins to the air in one shoot, and this really helped me with the TAS :3

Get The 1-Up! - Kannon's Claim!?

So so.. I'm doing my best to reproduce the level to the max, but it's to hard. The foreground of DKC series are too complex to SMW. It is possible to reproduce (since both are playable on a snes, so the limitations are the same) but it's very hard and requires a lot of time and specially patient, which is what I don't have... But yeah, I'm currently focusing on sprites and on Layer 3 (that is giving me some trouble, since in DKC 2 it moves randomly. I've got this, but the timing is wrong...

Currently, I have:

-Almost perfect layer 3 (except the GFX, Nep-Enut have drawn a custom one for me, and it's doing it's job very well! Thanks Nep-Enut :D)
-*Mini Necky (DYNAMIC, NOT NORMAL! I really needed those giant and perfect frames :3, they're awesome!)
-**Layer 3 Transparency (I love snes' registers :3)
-Background (I don't remember who ripped it, but thanks :3)

* I'll distribute it when I get 1000 views in this blog
** I'll distribute some documentation of this telling what I understead and the what each value in the registers did for me (ie, what I've got with each value) when I get 1000 views...


I hope you like it guys :3

Note: I know, somethings that I've quoted aren't in the video. I'm tired to make another video...

Mario's Annoying Adventure - The Shell

Nope, that's not the level name.

Well, since there's no chance at all to me to play this level, I've asked pudding to play it. He have played very well without the pain that I would have! Thank you pudding :D

These jumps are really ridiculous..

Random Retarded Quest - Some videos...

Yep, I was bored when I did this video:

But it come pretty well I think :D It's just some ways to pass the intro, but it's not too hard.

And this... HA, I have beat you by one second pudding! And the most awesome thing: It's a new worldwide record of this level yey!

DEAL with it :D

Oh my God! This is insane! Is madness! It is sparta! I have TASed Deathship! I could make it even faster if those hammers weren't comming at the most annoying places, but sadly, that was not the case :(

Well, if you're curious to see the TAS, here it is:

Now, it is the fourth most rapid completion, since pudding have beat the actual record. Check it out in his channel :D

And yeah, we both hate those hammers...