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Yes, a new blog! Here I'll keep you informed about SMW related things. I'll post videos, images, information, tools, sprites, ASM codes, etc. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Awesome News \o/

Well, since I was very busy with C3, I could not post anything new on this blog (not really, the lazyness also helped :X) but now, I can! So, let's talk a bit about C3 (an event on SMWCentral in which each user presents their own project and at the end, people vote to choose the best in each topic, like ASM, joke things...).


Sincerely, this C3 was disappointing... Nothing new, just some tools and some sprites, nothing amazing, as was the ExGFX Rev. Patch in the past C3... Of course, there were good projects, but none have really impressed me... If someone asks me what impressed me in this C3, I would say nothing... And that's bad, at least to me, I'm very sad with this result, *crying* But the good point is that I've participated on this C3! I was a bit shy, since my main language isn't English, but everything has come out pretty well I think... and I don't know if this is the cause, but I've got a lot of new subscribers on my youtube channel since the C3 o.0 Like 6 or 8 in one week!
Oh, and if you're curious to know what I've posted in C3, here is the topic.

Some sprites I've already distributed it here, but some of them I haven't, so fell free to use them, JUST GIVE CREDITS IF USED :D.... Ok, since it's C3, I'll give you some credit this time, give credit just if you want to, but DO NOT claim it as yours.

Well, that's all that I had to talk about the C3 (in general, my opinion about it)

Shifting gears...

Mode 7:

I'm currently learning mode 7 (not really, I'm currently learning VRAM, etc. but since mode 7 needs it, I'm encompassing it) but it's VERY hard, I understand everything, but I CAN'T do it, Famicon's site explains it very well, but xkas can't assemble their code, since it is a cross-assembler, so yeah, I'm very sad :(.... BUT, I can draw the original mode 7 bosses without any problem! That doesn't mean anything since it's very different, but well... I've made some cool things with it :3 Check out this video:

Shifting gears AGAIN...

New TAS:

Completely slow but it's entreteining in my opinion... This level is very confuse, I didn't understand anything that I was supposed to do in this level, so the result was "this" thing D:

Well, I hope that this big wall of text is enough to reward the big time without any posts. Bye :3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Youtube - 100th video!

Well, I was needing something interesting for this 100th video, when I come out with this awesome idea of beating the worldwide record of Spring Challenge (made by moltov) with an GIANT speed difference, and I made it! If I recall correctly, I've beat the old worldwide record by 9 seconds (Yes, that is MUCH for a TAS) and some frames.

My new record:

The old record:

I've also discovered that you can throw 2 trampolins to the air in one shoot, and this really helped me with the TAS :3

Get The 1-Up! - Kannon's Claim!?

So so.. I'm doing my best to reproduce the level to the max, but it's to hard. The foreground of DKC series are too complex to SMW. It is possible to reproduce (since both are playable on a snes, so the limitations are the same) but it's very hard and requires a lot of time and specially patient, which is what I don't have... But yeah, I'm currently focusing on sprites and on Layer 3 (that is giving me some trouble, since in DKC 2 it moves randomly. I've got this, but the timing is wrong...

Currently, I have:

-Almost perfect layer 3 (except the GFX, Nep-Enut have drawn a custom one for me, and it's doing it's job very well! Thanks Nep-Enut :D)
-*Mini Necky (DYNAMIC, NOT NORMAL! I really needed those giant and perfect frames :3, they're awesome!)
-**Layer 3 Transparency (I love snes' registers :3)
-Background (I don't remember who ripped it, but thanks :3)

* I'll distribute it when I get 1000 views in this blog
** I'll distribute some documentation of this telling what I understead and the what each value in the registers did for me (ie, what I've got with each value) when I get 1000 views...


I hope you like it guys :3

Note: I know, somethings that I've quoted aren't in the video. I'm tired to make another video...

Mario's Annoying Adventure - The Shell

Nope, that's not the level name.

Well, since there's no chance at all to me to play this level, I've asked pudding to play it. He have played very well without the pain that I would have! Thank you pudding :D

These jumps are really ridiculous..

Random Retarded Quest - Some videos...

Yep, I was bored when I did this video:

But it come pretty well I think :D It's just some ways to pass the intro, but it's not too hard.

And this... HA, I have beat you by one second pudding! And the most awesome thing: It's a new worldwide record of this level yey!

DEAL with it :D

Oh my God! This is insane! Is madness! It is sparta! I have TASed Deathship! I could make it even faster if those hammers weren't comming at the most annoying places, but sadly, that was not the case :(

Well, if you're curious to see the TAS, here it is:

Now, it is the fourth most rapid completion, since pudding have beat the actual record. Check it out in his channel :D

And yeah, we both hate those hammers...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventure Land Legend of the Starts - Level 1 TAS

Too lazy to type... I'll just say that this TAS probably is my best TAS ever made so far. Enjoy it :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Get The 1-Up! - Introduction + Engine

Seriously, I really need to focus on just ONE project and not on ten projects... But whatever, that is my business. So, let me explain my new project
with this completely new engine (as far as I know). This time, your objective is to bounce on the enemy's head to get... something (if I may call it that way) that increases your... score? Well, let's call it your score. Everytime you get the 1-Up when Mario bounces on many sprites, your score goes up. Each level has a goal, some levels require a lot of points (but it's easy to get the) and other levels just some points but it's harder to get them. There's also a nice thing included in this project, if mario dies, he comes back to the OW, so he doesn't lose a life or die, he just returns to the OW like a bonus game end. Nice uh? Everything completely programed by me (I'm not so good at making patches, but I'm getting nice results). I had to fix MANY, MANY bugs that were pissing me off, like the Course Clear text, it was killing my layer 3 and messing up with it's position. But yeah, it was fixed so... it's a victory for me, no? :D! Also, the second thing I was focusing up in this project is the ASM, I have a lot of plans for this project, many of them include a lot of ASM to make this project good and not annoying to play, since I'm not trying to do kaizo levels this time, but nice and playable levels with high difficulty. Also, BIG WALL OF TEXT!! Probably my biggest post lol! Are you curious? Want to see the current state of this project? Yes! It's a video! Enjoy it :D

And I won't distribute anything related to this project, cause I don't want to and almost everything was focused on my needs and may not fit on your project or anyway...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Kaizo Tutorial - Even More News

Well, since I hate Zsnes' desync, Vanilla Pudding made the video in snes9x so the songs in each level is "wrong", I just changed to make the ROM be playable on snes9x.


As you can see, I've made a water part, the cave part and I've started the castle (perhaps the final stage). Then, I'll need to make the dialogues... (the main reason of AKT)

PS: Pudding have breaked some parts lulz

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SMRPG - Culex Port Distribution

Well, I don't see anything amazing in this port now, so I decided to distribute it. Congratulations for convinced me lulz...


Enjoy this awesome port. It uses sample bank.

PS: Uses Addmusic5 (HuFlungDu's one)

Culex - Dialogues finished!

This time it's TOTALLY finished, I just need to start to program the boss, and that will take sometime, so be patient.


And I apologies for not posting for a long time in this blog, I was a bit boring and lazy...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Culex - Before Battle

FINALLY, I finished the dialogue before the true battle... Well, is not FINISHED yet, I need just to add the routine that checks if mario talked with culex before, if so, execute other dialogue... But I think it's easy, I'll just need a freeram.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Kaizo Tutorial - More News!

Almost complete! I got a lot of new songs to use (actually I had them but I never knew the existence of them in my computer...) and I got some ideas, except on the water level, cause I don't know many glitches to do in water...


Ignore the random air-pipe entrace, I was to lazy to do all the level again...



300 Views on my blog! That's amazing, thank you guys! As a gift, today I'll distribute my Koopa Boss. It needs some serious work... But sometime I'll make bug fixes and reupload the rar file, so stay tuned!


Note: if you want to use the hp bar, you'll need some freeram. Currently it uses 0087, just search for every 0087 in both codes and change to your freeram.

And if you want to know about this boss:


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Block Header Maker Tool

Well, I made a simple tool that makes headers for blocks (those JMP label). It's a relative simple tool, but it works I think... Just choose if you want to include the corners or/and "LabelName:", just make sure that the labels don't have space, accent or symbols and everything will be ok.


Requires .NET Framenetwork 4.0

Friday, March 4, 2011

Culex - WIP Boss

Yep, you may know Culex from Mario Fantasy, the one that is incomplete (just Culex graphics, no cristals...) I got a big inspiration from there to make this one! The progress is will be VERY VERY VERY slow cause I want to do this with perfection and make it awesome! Currently I only have Mario's Hp bar (maybe I change the max hp to 5, but it deppends on the OAM, the culex gfx literally kills it!), Culex graphics, all crystal' graphics and nothing lol. Also,

I will NOT

distribute anything related to this fight, even ripped graphics (credits goes to Vitor Vilela, for his awesome img file ripping tool), music or boss, so don't disturb me with questions like "I subscribe in your channel, can you give me your boss?"


Well, I'm sleppy again (damn you school that makes me get up early!), so good nite :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gilgamesh Theme - WIP

Today I was porting Gilgamesh Theme from FFV... I've not finished yet, but I will try to finish as soon possible... So actualy is just WIP (work in progress).
And yes, I'm not trying to make it close as possible from the original, but make it sounds nice and recognizable.

Well, I'm sleepy so just here's just the SPC file:

Good night :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Puzzle of Doom TAS

Nothing amazing... Recently I haven't any news... I'm currently also working on Silver Sonic boss, but it's impossible his graphics routine! Bah, whatever, that's not the current subject...

Here's the video:

Yes, I made a lot of mistakes in this TAS... At least is faster than the moltov's one :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

U-CPU Chip Introduction

Hello folks, I'm here to say that I'm working on my own custom chip! It isn't complete yet, but I finished his Assembler. It's in beta state, so various things will be changed, because this is my first attempt at JScript.NET, so Vitor Vilela will completely remake this assembler. But overall, it's pretty good in my opinion..

Here's a download link if you want to know how this thing works:

Everything is detailed in the tool, you may just want to know this:

In the freespace part, take a random FREE SPACE,


Now, let's assume that you took 3F8000, you need to remove the last two zeroes and put this value in the tool now. For example, 3F8000 would turn in 3F80.

After all steps are finished, you'll get a file called Converted.asm, open it and see that all commands were changed by JSL $FreeSpaceUsed+X. I had to add X cause the chip patch is like JSL.asm, each routine is FreeSpace+8+4.

Requires .NET Framenetwork 4.0

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cave Story Ports

WOW, consider youself a lucky man, today I'll distribute 2 of my best ports ever! If you're a cave story fan like me, consider yourself EVEN more luckier! Oh, the ports? Right, I've ported both Grass Town and the Main Theme/Plantation with Sample Bank (credits go to Slash Man, cause the 8-bit sample was made by him). It also uses Carol's More.bin.

Grass Town:

Cave Story Theme (accepted on SMWC, yay):

They both use the same sample bank, so if you already have the sample bank in your ROM, you don't need to insert the included one again. Of course, give credits if it's used.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

That's me dealling with luigi

Epic boss from SMW Yeah!!!! TAS

Masked Dedede Theme

Oh my God! I've done it! It sounds quite amazing for me :D Well, I tried to make it as close as possible from the japonese one, but without use sample banks :D And I think I did it! It uses MANY hex commands...

Here's the download link:

Please, GIVE CREDITS IF USED, this port took a long time to do...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Potency Routine

Yep, nobody had ever done it, so I did it :D It's a quite simples routine, since the SMW's multiplication registers do everything.. If you're interessed, here is the routine:

;Potency routine ($02-$03 will hand the result)
;$00 must be the Base and $01 the Exponent
;Note: the result it's a 16 bits value.

DEC $01 ;\Fix the
DEC $01 ;/Exponent
LDA $00 ;\$02 will be
STA $02 ;/the "second" base
LDX $01 ;Set up Loop
LDA $00 ;\The "real" base
STA $4202 ;/Set at the multiply register A
LDA $02 ;\The "second" base
STA $4203 ;/Set at the multiply register B
NOP #8 ;Waste cycles. We need time to the multiplication works
LDA $4216 ;\Hand the result
STA $02 ;/Store first digit
LDA $4217 ;\Hand the result
STA $03 ;/Store second digit
DEX ;Decremet exponent/Loop
BPL .LoopForIToExponentDo ;If the loop doesn't end, return
RTS ;Finally, end...

If you dont understand, do this:

LDA #$Base
STA $00
LDA #$Exponent
STA $01
JSR Potency
REP #$30
LDA $02
*Random Code*
SEP #$30

Or even this:

LDA #$Base
STA $00
LDA #$Exponent
STA $01
JSR Potency
LDA $02
*Random Code*
LDA $03
*Another Random Code*

I don't know why you should use this, but well... Do whatever you want, but just keep in mind that this routine doesn't work correctly with the Hex2Dec one, cause it has only 3 digits, and can't be higher than 255, and since my routine gives a 16 bits result, you would need to edit somethings in the Hex2Dec routine to works correctly.

Reach For The Moon - Immortal Smoke

FTW, I've spent DAYS of work in this port... And it was my first try with Worldpeace225's music's minimizer tool. The best part of this music is that it doesn't use any sample bank, just original smw samples + ADSR + some effects! Of course, I could not reproduce the original song, the piano for example, is it even possible? lol... Whatever... Yep, again, for your happiness, I'll distribute this port... Just give me credits AS HELL and don't even THINK of claiming it as yours >:D


Snowflakes - Remastered

Yes, remember my old snowflakes sprite? Yep, the ridiculous one... But I remade it and I got a pretty neat result. Some flakes are animated, others not, and when you passes by a defined number of screens, the blizzard gets more intense, mario moves slowly and the flakes falls a lot more fast.

And for your happiness, I'll distribute the sprite:

Give credits if used, IT'S A MANDATORY!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Manuz's Kaizo Level - Elder's Trap TAS

Well, the title says all... I'm very happy with this TAS cause I never did key jump like this, and I did a wall jump :D


A Kaizo Tutorial - TAS

The level is not finished, of course... But I like the progress of this so I made a TAS to waste time..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Kaizo Tutorial - News

Just some news... Not complete yet, obvious... And there will be only one level :0 Also, the music at the end is not complete, it was just a test.. I started to port musics by AddMusicM..


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Kaizo Tutorial Level 1 - Beta

Hi guys :3 I'm here to show you the new level that I'm making. The objective of this edition is to show how to play Kaizo. Yes, it's hard but with practice you can do it. Note that this is to TEACH, so this isn't extremely hard as my other levels.. Ok, enough of talking, here's a video: