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Friday, April 8, 2011

Get The 1-Up! - Introduction + Engine

Seriously, I really need to focus on just ONE project and not on ten projects... But whatever, that is my business. So, let me explain my new project
with this completely new engine (as far as I know). This time, your objective is to bounce on the enemy's head to get... something (if I may call it that way) that increases your... score? Well, let's call it your score. Everytime you get the 1-Up when Mario bounces on many sprites, your score goes up. Each level has a goal, some levels require a lot of points (but it's easy to get the) and other levels just some points but it's harder to get them. There's also a nice thing included in this project, if mario dies, he comes back to the OW, so he doesn't lose a life or die, he just returns to the OW like a bonus game end. Nice uh? Everything completely programed by me (I'm not so good at making patches, but I'm getting nice results). I had to fix MANY, MANY bugs that were pissing me off, like the Course Clear text, it was killing my layer 3 and messing up with it's position. But yeah, it was fixed so... it's a victory for me, no? :D! Also, the second thing I was focusing up in this project is the ASM, I have a lot of plans for this project, many of them include a lot of ASM to make this project good and not annoying to play, since I'm not trying to do kaizo levels this time, but nice and playable levels with high difficulty. Also, BIG WALL OF TEXT!! Probably my biggest post lol! Are you curious? Want to see the current state of this project? Yes! It's a video! Enjoy it :D

And I won't distribute anything related to this project, cause I don't want to and almost everything was focused on my needs and may not fit on your project or anyway...

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