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Friday, April 22, 2011

Get The 1-Up! - Kannon's Claim!?

So so.. I'm doing my best to reproduce the level to the max, but it's to hard. The foreground of DKC series are too complex to SMW. It is possible to reproduce (since both are playable on a snes, so the limitations are the same) but it's very hard and requires a lot of time and specially patient, which is what I don't have... But yeah, I'm currently focusing on sprites and on Layer 3 (that is giving me some trouble, since in DKC 2 it moves randomly. I've got this, but the timing is wrong...

Currently, I have:

-Almost perfect layer 3 (except the GFX, Nep-Enut have drawn a custom one for me, and it's doing it's job very well! Thanks Nep-Enut :D)
-*Mini Necky (DYNAMIC, NOT NORMAL! I really needed those giant and perfect frames :3, they're awesome!)
-**Layer 3 Transparency (I love snes' registers :3)
-Background (I don't remember who ripped it, but thanks :3)

* I'll distribute it when I get 1000 views in this blog
** I'll distribute some documentation of this telling what I understead and the what each value in the registers did for me (ie, what I've got with each value) when I get 1000 views...


I hope you like it guys :3

Note: I know, somethings that I've quoted aren't in the video. I'm tired to make another video...

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