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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

U-CPU Chip Introduction

Hello folks, I'm here to say that I'm working on my own custom chip! It isn't complete yet, but I finished his Assembler. It's in beta state, so various things will be changed, because this is my first attempt at JScript.NET, so Vitor Vilela will completely remake this assembler. But overall, it's pretty good in my opinion..

Here's a download link if you want to know how this thing works:

Everything is detailed in the tool, you may just want to know this:

In the freespace part, take a random FREE SPACE,


Now, let's assume that you took 3F8000, you need to remove the last two zeroes and put this value in the tool now. For example, 3F8000 would turn in 3F80.

After all steps are finished, you'll get a file called Converted.asm, open it and see that all commands were changed by JSL $FreeSpaceUsed+X. I had to add X cause the chip patch is like JSL.asm, each routine is FreeSpace+8+4.

Requires .NET Framenetwork 4.0

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