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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something more like a filler

Sorry, but I don't have anything new to show yet, I'm not working too much on SMW these days, just coding random things... Anyway, I'm here today to show some codes that I've made and maybe can help you (I doubt, but...):

1. Macro DMA
As you can see it is a macro to do DMA Transfer just by calling it with your arguments.

macro CustomDMA(Channel, VRAM, TMode, Reg, Source, Size)
REP #$20
STA $2116
SEP #$20

LDA #TMode
STA $43Channel0

LDA #Reg
STA $43Channel1

REP #$20
LDA #Source
STA $43Channel2
LDY.b #Source>>16
STY $43Channel4

LDA #Size
STA $43Channel5
SEP #$20

LDX #$0Channel
LDA DMAActivationTable,x
STA $420B

Make sure you include this table somewhere in your code (not inside your macro!!!):

db $01,$02,$04,$08,$10,$20,$40,$80

To use this macro, call it like this:

%CustomDMA(ChannelNumber,VRAM Address,Transfer Mode,Register,Source Table,Size)

-Channel number is the channel number... 0-7, not $00-$07
-Even if you'll not upload anything to VRAM, set VRAM Address to $0000
-Transfer Mode ($00-$FF)
-Last two bytes of the register to write to ($212C would be $2C)
-Source Table is the table with data.
-Size, 16 bits.
-You'll have to edit the code a bit. Since blogger things that < and > makes a TAG, you'll have to edit each arguments and add a < before each one and add a > after each one.

2. Mode 7 HDMA
A simple HDMA code that allows you to stretch both X and Y factors by scanline, you just have to configure the table to your needs.

REP #$20
LDA #$1B02
STA $4330
LDA #.XTable
STA $4332
LDX #.XTable>>16
STX $4334

LDA #$1E02
STA $4340
LDA #.YTable
STA $4342
LDX #.YTable>>16
STX $4344
SEP #$20

LDA #$18

db $ScanLine : dw $Stretch_X
db $00

db $ScanLine : dw $Stretch_Y
db $00

Well, that's it, I'm going to bed now, it is late here, see ya :3

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